www.fmdelosrecuerdos.cl,and,w/Aquatrol,Head,10",Softener,$432,Tools Home Improvement , Kitchen Bath Fixtures , Water Filtration Softeners,Digital,Water,Aquasure,Sediment,/irreluctant714551.html $432 Aquasure Water Softener w/Aquatrol Digital Head and 10" Sediment Tools Home Improvement Kitchen Bath Fixtures Water Filtration Softeners Aquasure Water Softener w Aquatrol Digital Sediment Head and 10" 5 ☆ popular Aquasure Water Softener w Aquatrol Digital Sediment Head and 10" 5 ☆ popular $432 Aquasure Water Softener w/Aquatrol Digital Head and 10" Sediment Tools Home Improvement Kitchen Bath Fixtures Water Filtration Softeners www.fmdelosrecuerdos.cl,and,w/Aquatrol,Head,10",Softener,$432,Tools Home Improvement , Kitchen Bath Fixtures , Water Filtration Softeners,Digital,Water,Aquasure,Sediment,/irreluctant714551.html

Aquasure Max 75% OFF Water Softener w Aquatrol Digital Sediment Head and 10

Aquasure Water Softener w/Aquatrol Digital Head and 10" Sediment


Aquasure Water Softener w/Aquatrol Digital Head and 10" Sediment


Product Description

Products Overview:

The Aquasure AS-HS48SCP is made up of 2 separate system that provides the best quality water for the entire family. The AS-FS-25SCZ Triple Purpose Pre-filter helps to remove larger particles and chemicals that may be harmful to your home. The AS-HS48D whole house water softening system is built to provide soft, scale and spot free water for the entire house. Perfect for the household size of 3 - 4 bathrooms and up to 5 people.

Ideal for family:

  • Sediment and Rust problem
  • Odor smell in the water
  • Chlorinated water
  • With hard water problem
  • Skin irritation


AS-FS-25SCZ / Sediment / GAC / Zinc Triple Purpose Pre-Filter

  • Filtration Capacity: 50,000 Gallons
  • Connection Type: 1” NPT
  • Dimension 18” x 6” x 6” High Flow Housing with Cap

AS-HS48D / Whole House Water Softener

  • Water Production: 48,000 grains of hardness
  • Connection Type: 1” NPT
  • Dimension: 62” x 10” x 10” Resin Tank / 36” x 15” x 15” Brine Tank

High Performance Water Filtration in Contaminants Rejection

The uniquely designed Sediment / GAC / Zinc Triple purpose whole house filter combines all the benefits of Granular Activated Carbon and Sediment to help reduce chlorine, taste, odor, chemical, sand, rust, and dirt, with a low-pressure drop.

High Capacity"noscript"High Capacity

High Capacity and Low Pressure Drop

The compact 10” Sediment / GAC filter packs a big punch with filtration capacity of up to 50,000 gallons before change out. This equates to 6 to 9 months of usage for an average family household.

Easy Installation and Maintenance"noscript"Easy Installation and Maintenance

Easy installation and trouble-free maintenance

The included pressure release valve, filter wrench, and pre-installed mounting bracket help make installing and changing the filter as simple as it can be. The 1” NPT in and out connection is also default choice for many US homes. (3/4“ connection available by request)

High Performance Water Filter"noscript"High Performance Water Filter
"p" High Performance

High Capacity"noscript"High Capacity
"p" High Capacity

Easy Installation and Maintenance"noscript"Easy Installation and Maintenance
"p" Easy Installation


Aquasure Water Softener w/Aquatrol Digital Head and 10" Sediment

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All our favorite places to dine alfresco around Philly right now, just because we want to. Not because we have to.


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Finding Comfort in the Discomfort of a Dive Bar

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Inside Philly’s Stealth Hunts to Take Out Deer and Protect Our Parks

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